Energy Audit

With energy costs raising every year about 10% each year, it is imperative to get control of your energy use and implement cost-effective strategies to reduce it.

An energy audit allows you to see the whole picture of your home or business's energy use and prioritize energy improvements to save money and improve your comfort and safety. An audit will help you determine how much energy you use, where you are losing energy, and which problem areas and fixes you should prioritize to make your property more efficient and comfortable.  

Cromwell personnel utilize the latest tools such as thermal/infrared cameras, blower doors, and duct leakage testers to scientifically examine your property’s energy performance.  In addition, we perform a comprehensive, room-by-room, examination of your building (including attics, basements, and crawl spaces) for energy use, as well as health and safety issues like: ventilation, carbon monoxide, gas leaks, and air quality issues. 

We combine the observations and performance information our certified inspector gathers and combine it into an easy to read report that explains the total energy picture right now, and how your property can improve.  We are experts in identifying and explaining the optimal order in which to complete any recommended energy improvements.    By following even a few of our recommendations, your comfort will improve and the energy savings can more than pay for the cost of the audit and improvements.  

With 30+ years experience in green construction, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality, the energy and building science experts at Cromwell Environmental are uniquely qualified to determine the best solutions for your property to make it healthier, more comforatable, and more energy efficient.