Meth Lab Clean-Up

After Methamphetamine or “meth” houses are exposed and arrests are made, more-often-than-not the property is repossessed and/or sold. A professional inspection and testing of such properties for potentially hazardous chemical residues is needed and will help ease the minds of potential buyers (thus raising the property value), and limit liability of sellers and potential contamination of future homeowners. In some states the testing of meth houses is required by law but not all states have such requirements.

At Cromwell Environmental we have experience in the sampling and clean-up of clandestine laboratories. As with all projects, Cromwell Environmental approaches meth lab testing and cleanups from a science-based perspective. A property is given a full visual inspection by a trained environmental investigator, and samples are collected from surfaces suspected of being contaminated. These samples are then analyzed and compared against the appropriate local or state standards. If cleanup is recommended, a scope-of-work is created.

The experience and professionalism of Cromwell Environmental is essential in achieving high quality clean-up of your properties. Our experience in both building and environmental science coupled with thousands of successful remediations, ensure we will get the meth clean-up done quickly and completely.

After the cleanup is complete clearance samples are taken to ensure and document adequate cleanup and issue a "Certificate of Fitness for Occupancy" if required.


Cromwell Environmental guarantees that through our clean-up efforts the building will pass clearance standards or we will continue working (at no additional charge), and retake clearance samples (also at no additional charge) until the project is successfully cleared.