Solar Power System Design & Installation

Our Solar division has designed and installed solar energy systems since the 1980s and is committed to giving people an affordable and sustainable choice about their electricity source. We offer professional, turn-key solar design and installation services throughout Kansas and Missouri. We approach solar energy from an engineering perspective, custom designing unique solutions to each customer’s need, based on roof space availability, shading, energy needs, and environmental or economic goals while also creating a system that is aesthetically pleasing.

Size, Growth and Future

Cromwell Solar currently has a total of 25 full-time employees designing and installing solar We have a strong financial past, no debt, and a sunny future. We will be around to take care of our projects long past when Aron Cromwell’s son Alder takes over the family business.

Across the United States solar is an industry with double digit growth. At Cromwell we benefit from a strong reputation as the largest and most experienced solar installation firm in Kansas. Besides Mr. Cromwell, one of the first certified solar installers in Kansas, Cromwell Solar boasts three NABCEP certified installers, more than any other Midwest solar installation firm.

Cromwell Solar takes training and certification of our employees seriously. Additional installers are now preparing for the certification testing in 2015 and 2016. We have a full complement of professional administrative personnel to handle all aspects of permitting and utility interconnection and have our own Ph.D. energy analyst to assist with modeling, policy, and utility rate data.
Cromwell has historically and continues to install solar across a wide geographic radius (700 miles) from our Lawrence, Kansas offices.


Installing solar power on your Missouri or Kansas home is easy.

Today we offer a painless leasing program that requires $0 down, $0 installation, $0 maintenance, $0 out of pocket. You just make monthly solar payments, which will be lower than your electric bill.


Cromwell Environmental works closely with corporations, business owners, public agencies, schools, and builders to design and install solar energy systems that maximize the financial benefits of today’s solar incentives.

Take Advantage of Government Rebates & Tax Credits

Designed to encourage businesses to utilize solar, these incentives help to pay for a substantial portion of the total system cost. In Kansas, solar tax credits for businesses amount to well over 50% of the cost of the system. Missouri businesses take advantage of additional solar utility credits from KCP&L and can get between 90% and 100% of the solar project paid for!