Solar Power System Design & Installation

Cromwell Environmental, the parent company of Cromwell Solar, has been in operation installing solar since 1982, making us one of the oldest solar energy firms in the world. With our longevity comes experience as well as piece of mind that we will be here to support our clients for the many decades their solar PV systems are designed to last.

For nearly 40 years Cromwell Environmental has specialized in the relationship between people, our buildings, and our environment. Our goal is to provide safe and healthy indoor environments for our clients and a better outdoor environment for everyone. We have an Environmental and a Solar division which together make Cromwell a larger, financially stronger and more well-rounded company.  Our employees are cross-trained giving us a tremendous capacity for handing additional large projects at any time.

Cromwell Solar has performed over 2500 different solar installations including 13,500 kW (13.5 MW) of rooftop solar at Fort Riley in Kansas completed in 2018. To date Cromwell has installed more than 75% of all solar installations in the state of Kansas, additionally, Cromwell has installed solar in states throughout the Midwest and Mountain states and has the capacity to travel further afield.  Cromwell Environmental, Inc. currently has 40+ full-time, professional employees.

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