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Aron & Sarah Cromwell

Aron & Sarah Cromwell

Since our beginnings in 1982, Cromwell Environmental has specialized in the relationship between people, our buildings, and our environment. Our goal is to provide safe and healthy indoor environments for our clients and a better outdoor environment for everyone. We have an Environmental and a Solar division which together make Cromwell a larger, financially stronger and more well-rounded company.

Throughout our distinguished history we have built our reputation by providing proactive solutions to Indoor Environmental Quality issues such as Mold, Oil Tanks, Lead & Asbestos, former Meth Labs, Energy Audits and Retrofits, and Solar Design and Installation.

Throughout our company's history, Cromwell Environmental has served clients ranging from private homeowners to national corporations (such as REO departments, banks, and major corporations). By offering a wide range of Nationwide Environmental Solutions, performed coast-to-coast, Cromwell Environmental is able to utilize our expertise to assist you in best dealing with any environmental issue- consistently, professionally, and economically.

Being involved in tens of thousands of indoor air quality investigations and renewable energy projects (both in small residential properties and also managing major projects in hotels, hospitals, and school districts around the United States) has lead Cromwell Environmental to be a company with the knowledge and experience to assist you in your environmental issues today. Each and every project is unique and deserves the care and solutions that we can provide.

Our Solar division, has designed and installed solar energy systems since the 1980s and is committed to giving people an affordable and sustainable choice about their electricity source.  In 2018, Cromwell installed solar on over 1200 Fort Riley (KS) rooftops, at 10.5 MW it is by far the largest solar installation in the region cementing our status as the most experienced solar installer in the region. 

We offer professional, turn-key solar design and installation services throughout Kansas, Missouri and work across the US on large projects. We approach solar energy work from an engineering perspective, custom designing unique solutions to each customer’s need, based on roof space availability, shading, energy needs, and environmental or economic goals while also creating a system that is aesthetically pleasing.


Aron and Sarah Cromwell own and operate Cromwell Solar. Aron is an engineer and one of our area’s first NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified solar installers. Along with his wife Sarah, the Cromwells own 100% of the company. Mr. Cromwell holds a BS in Ecology and an MS in Environmental Engineering. In addition to extensive environmental and solar experience, Aron spent several years building green homes, an experience that impacts our approach toward air quality and energy use. Mr. Cromwell was elected and held the offices of City Commissioner and Mayor of the City of Lawrence 2008-2012. Besides her commitment to environmental health and clean energy, Sarah has a great deal of interest in the science and practice of business and sales management with experience in independent, non-profit, and corporate sales and management.   


Cromwell Environmental currently has a total of over 30 full-time employees. We have a strong financial past, no debt, and a sunny future. We will be around to take care of our projects long past when Aron Cromwell’s son Alder takes over the family business (Alder has interned at the company and is now a student at Oregon State).

Across the United States the Environmental and Energy/Solar industries has strong growth. At Cromwell, we benefit from a strong reputation as a national leader in Environmental servicing of distressed, foreclosed, REO, Relocation properties, and homes being sold.  Our Solar division is the largest and most experienced solar installation firm in our region.  

With a staff of highly trained and certified individuals including Environmental Consultants (one with a Ph.D.), Industrial Hygienists, Microbiologists, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Electricians, and Construction Managers; Cromwell Environmental understands the relationship between building design/construction and environmental problems. Based upon this knowledge we work to identify problems and provide Environmental Solutions. To ensure that we continue to offer only the most current and accurate technologies, our consultants and technicians undergo ongoing training to remain up-to-date on the latest developments in our rapidly evolving fields. 

In 2014 we purchased and renovated a three level historic building in downtown Lawrence giving us more office space and, in the walkout basement with bay doors, a significant warehouse space.

Our building is 100% solar powered

The operations of Cromwell Environmental are thriving in our new facility and additional and more functional office square footage allow for growth in personnel. The warehouse component to the building allows us to buy in bulk and store materials, as well as provide safe indoor parking for our company vans. The new location also provides us retail-level exposure in the bustling downtown area of Lawrence, KS - a location that is a bonus when obtaining and retaining employees due to the proximity of shopping, restaurants and entertainment. All of this points to a strong future for Cromwell Environmental.

Please contact us for information about how our quality services and competitive pricing can benefit your situation. Call us at 785-749-6020, or contact us here.